Rolider has given top priority to the issue of safety, as one of the main objectives is to ensure that all the activities undertaken by the company are performed adhering to the strictest safety regulations by all its employees and its sub-contractors. Read More...


Rolider believes, that as a as an enterprise, it should contribute to the best of its ability, towards the community .Throughout the years, Rolider has always acted by this belief, and is involved in many fields as an integral part of its agenda, towards benefit of the community. Read More...


Rolider believes in performing the work while utilizing its own work force and equipment. Thus, its full-scale and diverse fleet is constantly renewed, preserving always the ability to perform all types of works. Read More...


Rolider –Contractors For Civil Engineering Projects.

The company has made and performs all types of engineering works simple and most complex and complicated
The company is characterized by very high performance full satisfaction of employers and entrepreneurs
Rolidar emphasizes the implementation of a work force of the tools the company has devoted most attention to capital Human well-being and worry

The company's management and logistics center is located in the Or Akiva Industrial Zone